ice cream sundae.
shadow puppets.
fry's chocolate.

I have a few confessions to make.

1. This was only a little bit premeditated, but I kept you waiting for dessert in my Speakeasy post. I know, right; what a bitch. This is partially because I wanted to take new, non-yellow photos... which in turn was partially an excuse to eat more ice cream. No hate.

2. Is this cherry bourbon ice cream familiar? That's because it was born, many moons ago, on Joy the Baker's blog, where I came across it as I was researching Speakeasy ideas. I tweaked it to make it vegan, of course - soya cream and coconut milk - but, not gonna lie, I pretty much lifted Joy's dessert ideas to my own menu. Eh, that's what we blog for.

3. Sort of unrelated, but you see that second photo down? That's the only shadow puppet I can do. Fyi... it's a stag.

4. Or maybe it's like, an antelope? Now that I look at it, it looks more like an antelope. Or a gazelle. Does anyone know the difference? I've been making that shadow puppet for years, and now I'm having a crisis of shadow-identity.

5. There is something deeply satisfying about making stereotypical food. Do you know what I mean? Pie with a red cherry filling and latticed lid. Ice cream sundaes with whipped cream, hot fudge sauce, and a shiny cherry on top. Sky-high layer cakes that look like something you drew as a ten year old. That's not really a confession... just an observation. Maybe I should confess that I'm now sitting here trying to think of more stereotypical food to make...

6. This sundae may look like the stuff of childhood dreams, but it's full o' booze. Hell to the yes it is.

Raspberry Vodka Ice Cream

300g (10.5oz) bag frozen raspberries
100g (1/2 c.) caster sugar
80ml (1/3c.) golden syrup
pinch of salt
250ml (1 c.) soya or oat cream
500ml (2 c.) full fat coconut milk
2-3 Tbsp vodka

Heat raspberries, sugar, syrup and salt in a saucepan and bring to a simmer over a medium heat until all the sugar has dissolved (about 5 mins). Whizz this in a blender or food processsor until smooth, then strain out the raspberry seeds in a fairly fine sieve (you'll regret it if you don't, you lazy so-and-so, mark my words) into a large bowl.

Stir in the cream, coconut milk and a generous couple of spoonfuls of vodka, then allow to cool fully. If you have an ice cream maker, follow manufacturers' instructions to churn; if you don't, you have to do it the old school way, which involves pouring your mix into a freezer-proof container, whacking it in the freezer, and beating the crap out of it every hour or so, maybe five or six times, to get rid of ice crystals. Or blasting it in the food processor a few times, before it's fully frozen, which does the same job - I didn't have too much luck with this, but I think that's because our freezer is on the brink of death, and keeps defrosting then refreezing things. The vodka will keep the ice cream from freezing overly hard, so you'll be able to scoop it when it's ready.

Serve with hot fudge sauce, coconut cream (or whipped cream, if you eat dairy), candied pecans, and cherries.

Hot Fudge Sauce

190ml (2/3 c.) soya or oat cream
80ml (1/3 c.) golden syrup
40g (1/4c. packed) light brown sugar
1 tsp. flaky salt
200g (7 oz) vegan dark chocolate, chopped
2 Tbsp vegan margarine

Bring the cream, syrup, sugar, salt and half of the chocolate to a boil in a large saucepan, and stir until the chocolate has melted and the mixture is smooth. Reduce the heat to a simmer, and allow to cook gently for 5 mins, stirring slowly. 

Remove from the heat and stir in margarine and remaining chocolate. Serve hot.

You know it's the right thing to do.


  1. Your blogs bore me, they are always about food. I mean spice it up abit..?

    Topic ideas: Kittens bopping heads, dogs that look like people, vegetables that look like dogs, MAGIC!

    Be creative. Not always food this, I did this... All 'Anna Anna Anna Anna..'

  2. Oh yummmm, that sounds so good! I love the idea of making a sundae alcoholic, what a perfect treat :) And your shadow puppet is awesome.

    ps. I am really hoping the the comment above is a joke from someone you know.

  3. Becca Ann!! Look at the trouble you've caused now. I'm definitely not going to text you back... unless I find a vegetable that looks like a dog.

    Kaylia - thank you for the validation of my shadow puppet! Now I'm too scared to make it again in case someone is like '...that's not a stag', haha. And yes... generally speaking if there's anonymous abuse on my blog, it's from one of my friensd T__T haha.

  4. this sounds so good! I love those photos too <3
    thanks for this!

  5. That ice cream looks AWESOME!

  6. Raspberry vodka ice cream pretty much sounds like the most amazing thing ever. And I'm not just saying that because that first photo almost made me drool on my keyboard. So pretty!

    Oh, and not to further perpetuate your shadow puppet identity crisis, but I thought it was a cat. ^_^

  7. I've pretty much dreamed of making a HUGE layer cake with a massive number of layers. I think it would be so satisfying to slice through the whole thing. A coconut cake?

  8. Nice blog! And that sundae glass is the prettiest one I've ever seen. thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Jacckko & Fanny - thank you, sweet things!

    Koci - a cat, what?! I see what you mean around the nose area... but I think the ears are too long. Maybe a rabbit or a hare? Oh man, this is getting worse.

    Claire - have you seen those, like, twelve-layer cakes on blogs? They blow my mind, but they're always quite thin, almost crepe-y layers (understandably). I sort of want to make a huuuuge one with fullsized layers; are you on board?

    Anon - thank you, the glass is out of my mum's cupboard, so she'll be very pleased, haha. ^__^

  10. this looks just fabulous,I'm not fan of vodka, but definitely I have to make an exception here, this ice cream looks just spectacular, thanks for sharing

  11. Beautiful pictures!

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