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Cup of tea, with soy milk. Empty house. A desk covered with reference books, loose papers, old tissues, stationary, cables. I suppose it's hard for anyone to start a new blog, but it seems especially weird for me - firstly, because for three years I wrote a food blog, Happy Love Strawberry, and it's strange to be elsewhere - and secondly, because I'm not yet sure what this site is, or what I want it to be. Inadvertent heavy-handed metaphor for my life. I didn't actually do that on purpose.

So these are the basics. My name is Anna, though I've gone by five billion internet pseudonyms in the past and still respond to any given one. I'm twenty, which sounds a lot older than I actually am. I cook, and bake, and take photos - compulsively. I write stories. I alternate between manic, deadpan humour and overly-poetic faux-deepness. I care a lot about things other people don't really care about, but I'm okay with that.

For the first time in my life, I literally don't know where I'll be by the end of this year, so that's what papillon is about. Photos, and stories - and food, because I don't think I can actually go ten minutes without talking about food and you're just lucky I'm not eating a toastie while I write this, because I have been known to fill half an A4 page of a letter with a digression on my toastie. Just sayin'. If this site fades away to nothingness after a month or so- if I decide I preferred the format of HLS and head back that way- if it ends up just for friends, or just for me, or if no one wants to read it- if I turn this into primarily a photography blog- if I talk about nothing but toasties- it's all pretty okay with me.

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  1. Hello my chicken,

    I can't find the button to "follow" you. I'm so excited to read this though! And when my finals are over and I start blogging again it will be amazing. I think I might have found a voice for the blog. It is good.

    It is probably because of the Lad and the general awesomeness which is coming off that relationship right now. Anyway. I might be down in Soton 4th/5th June.

    Love xxx


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